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How to use FTP upload to add images

How to use FTP upload to add images and other files to your website. Upload your logo to personalise your site.

Today we will learn how to upload files to your CMS website. Why do you need to do this ? Actually you may never need to upload anything at all, but some times you may want to upload images that you want to use o­n your site. Some times you may just like to have the hosting features that other web hosts provide you. With our program,, I want to make sure I provide you with everything you need today as well as everything you may need in the future !Internet Marketing

To Upload files we use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If have an FTP client program like CuteFTP or WSFTP, that is great we can use it. If you do not have an FTP program, you can download and install o­ne but remember I had advertised that you will not have to install anything ? Unlike other sellers o­n the internet, I keep my promise ! So if you do not have an FTP program, I have setup a web based FTP that you can use from your browser. Just go to and from here you will be able to do everything that an FTP client can do.

To login to your account, you should enter the servername, username and password that were sent to you in your welcome email. The portnumber is set to the default standard 21, you will never need to bother about this. If your site is then your servername will be and your username will likely be yoursitename @

After you login to your ftp account, you will be able to upload, download, create, edit and delete files and folders. the files that you upload will be accessible from the browser as

This means that if you upload a file called logo.gif after you login to your ftp account, that file may be viewed by anyone using the link (replace yoursitename with the domain name of your site).

The logo.gif is a special file that your CMS system identifies. If a logo.gif is found in your ftp account, it will use this logo o­n your website in all your pages, otherwise your CMS system will use the default logo that comes with the theme you select. So if you want to have your logo appear o­n all pages of your site, all you have to do is to upload it as logo.gif and you are done. Now how easy was that 🙂

If you want to customize the theme that you have chosen, you should send me an email mentioning which theme you want to customize and I will move the files for that theme into your ftp account. You will then be able to make minute changes to your theme in any way you wish, these changes will affect o­nly your site.

You can also upload html pages, scripts, e-books, sound files, anything that you want.
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If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, just hit the reply button.

Today we learnt how to upload files and how these files may be accessed from the browser. We also learnt how to change the logo o­n your site and if you need to make changes to your theme you know what you should do.

You should continue to add content to your site. the content of your site is the reason for the existence of your site and without the content all the features that you learn are of no use, so keep adding content to your site. Tomorrow we will see how to exchange links with other webmaster.  

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