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Minuteman Students Exhibit Their Carpentry Skills To Build Community Homes

The residents of Arlington who went to the Minuteman High School situated in Lexington take up carpentry projects to work for a social cause. The students of the school utilize their technical skills beyond the boundaries of the classroom. They have been facilitated with on the job training such as building homes for the community. The students have been involved in projects of similar kinds. The Minuteman students have created free bookcases for the library situated at the Needham town. The vocational education offered by the school stands testimony for workforce enhancement. It can contribute to the bright future of the students.

Lexington, Lincoln and Wayland towns feature the homes renovated or built by the students of Minuteman School. The school also trains the students in wiring, plumbing, welding and fitting. The training avails the students an array of learning experiences. They have been trained to work with contractors in different possible environments. The Lexington homes are considered affordable for housing purposes. The students through these projects avail an excellent opportunity to serve their community. The Minuteman students have also involved themselves in constructing duplex houses that feature three bedrooms in 1100 square feet area. More than 41 students are currently a part of this initiative.

Various professional organizations highly commend the work of the students. The Minuteman students exhibit professional building skills. They have worked significantly on the mechanisms of heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. The Minuteman school students are also involved in several home renovation projects. They participate in replacing windows, building a better kitchen, installing new heating systems and other electrical works. The houses built by the students are robust. The students are also involved in the design of energy-efficient homes. The Minuteman students help the construction costs to remain lower. The career and technology-based education provided by the Minuteman school is one of its kind.

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